Michael Jackson Hologram Label Perfume
     Michael Jackson Perfumes

This range of perfume was due for release in the early 1990's but after long delays was never officially released.

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Michael Jackson Perfumes

Michael Jackson Hologram Label Perfume

Michael Jackson Perfumes

Michael Jackson Perfumes

There are 2 scents, a Mystique de Michael Jackson a perfume for women and Legende de Michael Jackson a cologne for men. There are also 2 different bottle types. The first set features an excellent quality hologram of Michael. When you turn the bottle Michael smiles at you. These hologram bottles are by far the rarest and most sought after bottle types. The second bottle type features a picture of Michael, with shoulder length hair, white T shirt and black leather jacket. The bottles contain 60 ML or 2.0 US FL.OZ of the scents.

The scents were created in Paris by both Michael and well known perfumer, Jon Pierre Sand. Victor Chiam licensed the perfume products but unfortunately died before they were released. The licenses then became embroiled in legal estate problems and the release of the perfumes was delayed.

A media launch including TV advertising and promo store posters was prepared and all in place to be launched just days before Michael was falsely accused by the Chandler family. The perfumes were therefore never commercially released and have become sought after collectors items.

The boxes also come in black or white, matching the colours of the perfume bottles. The boxes are 5 inches tall, by 3.5 inches wide and 1 inch in depth. The "Michael Jackson" signature is on the front of the box in metalic golden colour.

On the back of the box it states:

Trademarkregistered to Triumph International Inc.
Contents Ethyl alcohol, Distlled Water, Fragrance.
Made in France.
88% Vol.

Michael Jackson Hologram Label Perfume

Michael Jackson Hologram Label Perfume


Extremely rare fragrance issued in 1989 by Gem Perfumes - the perfume never made it in the marketplace - go figure! This is the woman's scent and contains 2 ounces of eau de toilette spray. The label is hologram of Michael Jackson - pre major plastic surgery. The presentation is MINT and never used in the original box. NOW is the time to collect this bottle ID=CP-1

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