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Antique Bohemian Garnet Butterfly BroochGarnet jewelry, prolific during the Victorian era, has long been a favorite of antique jewelry lovers. These older garnets may also be referred to as Bohemian garnets because of their origin.
Bohemian garnets were set in both low and high karat gold, and sometimes silver. Garnets used in antique jewelry can be faceted or cabochon cut. Faceted Victorian garnets are usually rose cut, which means they are faceted bluntly compared to the sharp facets of today’s gemstones. This form of faceting generally predates the Industrial Revolution of the late 1800s. Bohemian garnet jewelry is known for it's encrusted close-set stones, which are often rose cut and sometimes combined with larger cabochons and faceted stones. (Bohemia became Czechoslovakia after World War I.)

Victorian garnets have a deep, rich color in comparison to red garnets being mined today, which oftentimes have a lighter tone and a rusty hue. This is an important factor to keep in mind when distinguishing true Victorian garnet jewelry from later Victorian revival pieces. It’s also important to remember that deep red garnets have been simulated in costume jewelry through the decades in Victorian revival pieces made with glass stones.

An article in the "Journal of the Society of the Arts" August 25, 1892, states that at that time there were over 3000 cutters working in 500 shops in the Bohemian garnet industry. With the miners and other workers there were about 10,000 persons making a living in the industry, and they certainly made a lot of wonderful jewelry.

Here are some examples of BOHEMIAN garnet necklaces, bracelets, cross and hair pins shown in the 1899 Benjamin Allen Company Catalogue.    
Benjamin Allen Company Catalogue.  

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